4000 Series - Personnel

General Personnel Policies and Policies Applicable to All Personnel   
Recruitment and Selection  4001 
Equal Opportunity Employment  4002 
Anti-discrimination, Anti-harassment and Anti-retaliation  4003 
Notice of Nondiscrimination  4003a 
Complaint Form  4003b 
Duty Hours of Employees  4004 
Absence of Employees  4005 
Absence From Building  4006 
Family and Medical Leave Policy  4007 
Family and Medical Leave Policy documents  4007a
          FMLA Policy Form 2A WH-381 Notice of Eligibility   
          FMLA Policy Form 3 WH-382 Designation Notice   
          FMLA Policy Form 4 WH-380E Certification Health Care Provider   
          FMLA Policy Form 5 WH-380F Certification Health Care Provider for Family Members   
          FMLA Policy Form 6 WH-380F Certificate of Qualifying   
          FMLA Policy Form 7 WH-380F Family Military Leave   
Adoption Leave  4008 
Drug and Substance Use and Abuse, with attached Appendix  4009 
Bloodborne Pathogen Compliance Plan  4011 
Infectious Diseases  4012 
Personnel Files  4013 
Receiving Agents, Salespersons, and Other Business Representatives  4014 
Unauthorized Purchases  4015 
Use of School Facilities and Equipment by School Employees  4016 
Activity Passes  4017 
Community Relations - Political Activity  4018 
Fair Labor Standards Act (Minimum Wage and Overtime)  4019 
Shredding Consumer Reports  4020 
Social Security Numbers  4021 
Military and Family Military Leave  4022 
Notification of Arrest, Criminal Charges, and Certificate, License or Child Abuse Complaints  4023 
Wage and Deduction Information  4024 
Professional Boundaries Between Employees and Students  4025 
Prohibition on Aiding and Abetting Sexual Abuse  4026 
Workplace Privacy Policy  4027
Employee Fundraising  4028 
Wage Information  4030 
Injury Leave  4031 
Certificated Employees   
Qualifications for Appointment as Teacher  4100 
Qualifications for Appointment to Administrative and Supervisory Positions  4101 
Contract  4110 
Certification  4111 
Probationary Certified Employees  4120 
Permanent Certified Employees  4121 
Assignment of Duties  4130 
Agents/Tutors  4131 
Student Teachers and Pre-Student Teachers  4132 
Substitute Teachers  4133 
Professional Growth  4140 
Teacher Training  4141 
Evaluation of Teachers  4150 
Reduction in Force Policy for Certificated Staff  4160 
Leave of Absence  4170 
Dual Sponsorship of Activities  4180 
Coaches and Sponsors  4181 
Standards of Ethical and Professional Performance - Certificated Staff  4190 
Non-Certificated Employees   
Qualifications of Non-Certificated Employees  4200 
"At Will" Employees  4201 
Hiring/Dismissal  4210 
Contract  4220 
Classified Employee's Employment Agreement  Regulation 4220A 
Assignment and Transfer  4230 
Complaint Procedure/Complaint Form  4240 
Bus Drivers  4250 
Standards of Performance for Non-Certified Employees - Form for Classified Employee Notice of Performance Concerns  4260 
Staff Payments During Closure  4270 
Catastrophic Illness, Injury or Physical Condition Leave Form  4271