Head Lice Procedure

Guidelines for Head Lice
From the Parent/Student Handbook

The following guidelines are in place to: better control a nuisance condition; reduce absenteeism due to head lice; and involve parents as partners with the school in control efforts:

  1. Children will be sent home from school for live head lice. In the event a child has two (2) cases of live lice in a semester, the child will be sent home until free of both live lice and nits (eggs).
  2. Health office staff will provide written treatment information and instructions, including how to check and identify head lice.
  3. A child who is sent home from school for head lice should miss no more than two (2) school days.
  4. A child who has been sent from school due to head lice must come to the health office for inspection before returning to class.
  5. A child who returns to class with nits (eggs) will be checked again in 7-10 days.
  6. Families are encouraged to report head lice to the school health office.
  7. Classroom-wide or school-wide head checks will be conducted as needed in order to control the condition at school.

****Nit removal will be emphasized for effective management of the condition. For more information call the nurse at your child's school.****