8000 Series - Internal Board Policies

Purpose and Role of the Board  8110 
Duties and Functions of the Board of Education  8120 
Annual Organizational Meeting  8130 
Committee of the Whole  8150 
Standing Committees  8151 
Standing Committee on Negotiations  8152 
Standing Committee on Curriculum and Americanism  8153
Temporary Committees  8160 
Board Members   
Retirement  8200 
Orientation for Newly-Elected Members of the Board of Education  8210 
Policy for Board Member Attendance at Educational Workshops, Conferences, Training Programs, Official Functions, Hearings, and Meetings  8230 
Coffee Act Policy (Reimbursable Expenses)  8231 
Use of Public Resources by Board Members and Employees  8232 
Membership in School Board Associations  8240 
Conflict of Interest/Contracts  8260 
Conflict of Interest - Employment of Family Member of Board Member or Supervisor and Employment of Board Member  8261 
Conflict of Interest/Other than Contracts or Employment  8270 
Reporting Procedures  8271 
Code of Ethics  8272 
Methods of Operation   
Methods of Operation  8300 
Formulation of Policies  8310 
Adoption, Amendment or Suspension of Policies  8320 
Formulation of Administrative Regulations  8330 
Meetings  8340 
Types of Meetings  8341 
Designated Method of Giving Notice of Meetings  8342 
Agenda Construction and Control  8343 
Location of School Board Meetings  8344 
Procedures During Meetings  8345 
Public Participation at Board Meetings  8346 
Teacher-Administrator-Board of Education Relationships  8347