1000 Series - Community Relations

School Communications
Statement of Intent  1000 
Visiting School  1010
Citizen Communication to the Board of Education
Parent/Patron Comment Forms  1030 
          Parent/Patron Comment Form
Annual Report and School Improvement
Public Access to School Records  1050 
          Form for Denial of Access to Records  Regulation 1050A 
          Form for Explanation of Delay in Fulfilling Request for Records  Regulation 1050B 
Advertising and Promotion  1060 
Publications, Radio, and Television  1070 
School Directory  1080 
Community Use of School Facilities   
Community Use of School Facilities  1100
Use of School Facilities: Student Groups and Boy Scouts  1101 
Recording of Others  1102 
Bulletin Boards, Display Case and Posted Materials  1110 
Tobacco Policy  1120 
Anti-Discrimination Policies   
Anti-Discrimination, Designation of Coordinator and Grievance Policy 1200
Title IX-Discrimination 1210 
Title IX - Procedure for Complaints of Sexual Harassment  1211 
Title IX Procedure for Informal/Formal Hearing  1220 
Form for Filing Complaints  Regulation 1220 
ADA and Section 504 Grievance Procedure  1240 
ADA-Designation of Coordinator  1250 
Service Animals  1260 
Fund Raising and Gifts   
Fund Raising Activities  1300 
Gifts to the School District  1310 
School and Community Organizations  1400 
Parent Organizations  1410 
Citizens' Advisory Committees  1420 
Utilizing Community Resources  1430 
Staff Participation in Community Affairs  1440 
School Personnel and the Public  1450 
Student Production of Goods and Services 1460 
Public Performances by Students 1470