Medication In Schools

Guidelines for Administering Medication
From the Student/Parent Handbook

Whenever possible, your child should be provided medications by you outside of school hours. In the event it is necessary that your child take or have medication available at school, the parents/guardians must provide a signed written consent for the child to be given medication at school. A consent form is available at the school health office. Medications must be provided to the school by the parent/guardian in the pharmacy-labeled or manufacturer-labeled bottle. Repackaged medications will not be accepted.

Other important medication information:
* Medications must be picked up by an adult on the last day of school or they will be disposed of.
* A record of the medication administration is kept on each student receiving medication. Medication will be kept in a secured area.
* Students may carry and self -administrate inhalers, epi-pens, and insulin if appropriate paperwork has been completed.
* Emergency and scheduled daily medications will be sent on field trips.
* Please do not send cough drops with your student---Cough drops are provided for students as long as a release form has been signed by a parent/guardian