Physicals/Health Screenings

Physical and Visual Examinations

Physical and Visual Examination
From the Student/Parent Handbook

Evidence of a physical examination and a visual evaluation is required within six (6) months prior to entrance into kindergarten and, in the case of transfer from out of state, to any other grade. A physical examination is also required prior to entrance into the seventh grade. The physical examination is to be completed by a physician, a physician's assistant, or an advanced practice registered nurse; the visual evaluation is to be completed by any of the foregoing or an optometrist.
A parent or guardian who objects to the physical examination and/or visual evaluation may submit a written statement of refusal for his or her child. Waiver forms are available in the school health office. Additional physical examination requirements exist for students participating in athletic participation.

Who needs a Physical or Visual Examination???

* All students entering Kindergarten
* Any student transferring from out of state
* Student athletes must have a physical each school year they compete in activities
* All students entering Seventh Grade are required to have a physical only




School Health Screenings

Health screenings are performed per the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services schedule. The purpose of screening is to identify those students needing further evaluation or assistance in the areas screened. A health screening is not diagnostic. Parents/guardians will be notified of the screening result if the student is found to need further evaluation. The cost of such evaluation is the parent/guardian's responsibility.

School Health Screenings