5000 Series - Students

Admission and Attendance   
Introductory Statement  5000 
Admission Requirements  5001 
Forms for Health Related Admission Requirements  5001 Attachment
Discontinuance of Enrollment for Children Younger Than Six Years of Age 5002
Child age 6 to attend homeschool  5002 Attachment
Assignment of Students: Grade Placement and Transfer Students  5003 
Full-time and Part-time Enrollment  5004 
Application of Non-Public School Student for Part-time Enrollment  5004 Attachment
Student Residence, Admission and Contracting for Educational Services  5005 
Option Enrollment with Resolution and Appendix "1" Forms  5006 
Foreign Exchange Students  5007 
Student Attendance  5008
Collaborative Plan  5008 Attachment 
Sample letter to County Attorney  5008 Attachment 
Attendance Improvement Plan 5008 Attachment
Attendance During School Day (Dismissals and Field Trips)  5009 
School Census  5010 
Parent-Student Handbook  5011
Military Activities  5012 
Student Discipline   
Student Discipline  5101 
Alternative Education Programs or Plans For Expelled Students  5102 
Extracurricular Activity  5103 
Drug and Substance Use and Prevention  5104 
Academic Reporting and Progress   
Promotion and Retention  5201 
Student Records  5202 
Academic Progress  5203 
Grading System  5204 
Graduation  5205 
Early Completion Plan  5206 
Make-up Work  5207 
High School Credit for Middle School Courses  5208 
Student Activities   
Association Activities
Student Organizations  5302 
Student Activities, Hazing, Fund-Raising and Supervision  5303 
Selection of Students for Participation in Activities  5304 
School Dances  5305 
Mandatory Drug Testing  5306 
Equal Educational Opportunities/Welfare   
Anti-discrimination, Anti-harassment, and Anti-retaliation  5401 
Complaint Form 
Child Abuse and Neglect
Married/Pregnant Students  5403 
Corporal Punishment  5405 
Search and Seizures  5406 
Vandalism  5407 
Health Inspections  5408 
Communicable Diseases  5409 
Requests to Contact Students and Student Interviews by Non-School Personnel  5413 
Identification of Learners with High Ability  5414 
Anti-Bullying Policy  5415 
Student Fees Policy [with Appendix and Application]  5416 
Application for Fee Waiver and Sharing Information Consent  5416A 
School Wellness Policy  5417 
Administrative Regulation  AR5417 
Homeless Students  5418 
Homeless Education Program Forms   
Student Privacy Protection Policy  5419 
Dating Violence  5420 
Use of Restraints and Seclusion  5421 
Pregnant and Parenting Students  5422 
Bus Transportation  5501 
Use of School Buses  5503 
Special Education Transportation  5504 
Safe Pupil Transportation Plan (development of plan)  5505 
Safe Pupil Transportation Plan 5506 
Emergency Protocol   
Asthma and Allergic Reaction Protocol with Waiver  5601 
Protocol Medical Form